Stoping for coffee at 2500m in the Pyrenees with a Kitfox
Fuel stop with a TB20 in Girona, Spain
A happy instructor in a Jodel Dr1050 over southern France
Piper Mirage/Jet Prop DLX in Toulouse, France
Dr400 flying over Lot river, in southern France
Patrouille de France breaking
encounter between the Patrouille de France and a airliner
Crossing of two alphajets of the Patrouille de France
Breitling wingwalkers smoking out over the World Aerobatic Challenge
Martin Šonka's Extra330 flying a low pass
RedBull's DC6 in Pardubice, Czech Rep.
Lunch stop in Tarbes, France
L-159 Alca in Caslav, Czech Rep.
L159 Alca doing a low pass in Pardubice, Czech Rep.
a pair of L159 ALCA launching a flare during a fly by
a Spitfire flying over Prague's bridges
Jas39 Gripen
F16 Falcon over Ostrava, Czech Rep.
Dassault's finest technology in one flight: Falcon 8X, nEuron and Rafale
an Airbus landing in Berlin-Tegel, Germany
Hungarian JAS39 Gripen in Caslav, Czech Rep.
Beechcraft Be18
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